Justin Harris


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Hall of Human Life, Museum of Science, Boston

jharris [at] mos [dot] org


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SILC ALumni Member (former SILC Graduate Student Member, Temple University; Temple Infant Lab) and member of our Spatial Network.

Dr. Justin Harris is the program manager for the Hall of Human Life at the Museum of Science, Boston. The goal of the Hall of Human Life is to create a supportive and engaging environment through positive learning experiences about yourself and other organisms, including friends and family. Our visitors will leave inspired to think critically, be curious, and explore the science of human health, biology, and behavior. As part of this experience we host a program called Living Laboratory®, which brings researchers from local institutions into the Museum to conduct their research as an interactive activity where visitors can learn about science by being part of it. Living Laboratory research partners are trained by Museum educators to talk with visitors about the scientific process, as well as their own specific way of studying how people function.

Dr. Harris received his Ph.D. in Psychology at Temple University. Justin’s graduate work was co-advised by Dr. Nora Newcombe and Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek.

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